Tribute Albums

The SBI collection now offers you 1000 SINGLE ARTIST tribute albums. Please email if you would like details.

New compilations

Our new Compilations Include:

ANTHEMS OF THE WORLD- A 3 CD compilation of National Anthems including all the nations competing in this summer's World Cup.

HITS OF JOHNNY CASH - A selection of classic tracks covered in a tribute to Johnny Cash.

KARAOKE PARTY CLASSICS - A 2 x DVD or CD+G Compilation of well known Party Favourites.

KARAOKE ROCK HITS - A 30 song Karaoke DVD including versions of some of the biggest Rock Hits over the past 40 years.

SBI Karaoke - biggest Country music karaoke library ever!

SBI Karaoke have just added a huge number of new Country and Country & Western karaoke tracks to their catalogue.

Country music originally comes from a blend of popular musical forms found in the Southern United States and the Appalachian Mountains. It has roots in traditional folk music, Celtic music, gospel music, and old-time music. The term "country music" is used to describe many styles, genres, or subgenres including: Western Swing, Bluegrass, Hillbilly Boogie, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Nashville, Country Rock and Bakersfield Sound. Massively popular the world over it even spawned the phenomenon of line-dancing!

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